Revamp Your Fashion Closet With Thirteen Fashion Items

When it comes to fashion, there is only one thing that you can be sure of; that it keeps changing! Whether it is the leopard-print leotards or the trend of baggy button-down shirts, we have seen all things fascinating on runways and the social media carousel! 

But since the pandemic happened and everyone had the chance to reconsider everything, many individuals chose to change the way they dressed once the world was back to normal. 

So, if you too are planning to revamp your wardrobe, here are some of the best and timeless additions that can make all the difference to your closet! 

Without much ado, let’s swoop right into the list of suggestions! 

Form-fitting Jeans

From the wardrobes of the capsule fashionistas to those who indulge in fast fashion, a pair of form-fitting jeans is the simplest piece that can change your life, literally. Instead of the baggy mom jeans or opting for a ripped one, you can get a pair of plain skin-fits and enjoy a new look instead.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are often undermined in fashion, but when you look at it from the perspective of slow fashion and curing a retro wardrobe, this is indeed a smart choice. You can choose shirts with catchy wordplays and proper cuts to avoid looking unkempt and utterly fashionable. 

Silk Blouses

Now that we have mentioned graphic tees let’s go to the other end of the style spectrum: silk blouses! Stocking a few of these in the colors that compliment your skin tone can add a lot of value to your formal wardrobe. You can easily rock them with skirts, dress pants, and blazers too. And best of all, they can be worn on any occasion that needs you to look well put together. 

A Red Leather Jacket

While the world rushes after a black leather jacket, you can invest in a red leather jacket to add a spark to your outfits. The red jacket can be equally funky and fashionable enough to boost your own confidence. It’s a contemporary piece that looks well with almost everything. 

Wide-legged trousers

Remember when most Bollywood runways showcased palazzos with short tops? 

Well, if you were a fan of the broad pants, then you can bring them back to your wardrobe for some fun. They are a great match for the muggy summer heat and give you enough room to layer up during the chilly days. 

From kurtas to blouses, you can pair wide-legged pants with all sorts of eastern and western wear. 

Sweeping-long dresses

Getting a long dress or two that fit right on the hourglass and add some color to your closet are almost necessary for everyone. A sweeping, long dress adds to the illusion of mile-long legs. 

You can wear a dress that hugs you like a second skin or one that hides your silhouette too. 

Either way, they look smart and allow you to be comfortable on long days when you have to be on your feet for the entire day. 

Some Corsets

Who could have thought that the corset would come back in the digital century too! This time, it’s back with a bang and intends to stay atop shirts. If you are a gal that prefers some edge in her wardrobe, then you definitely need a corset or two to spice up your wardrobe. 

Leather Skirts

Leather skirts continue to win hearts each season when supermodels like Kendal Jenner and Hailey Bieber don them for their off days. These skirts are sexy and smoking hot when worn with some fishnet and sky-high heels! 

The rest is what you already know! 

A Few Monochromes

Monochrome pieces are labelled dull by some contemporary writers, but have you seen how polished they make you look? A few all-white, all-beige, or all-black sets can help you dress up and look good within a few minutes. 

They allow you to play with silhouettes, shapes, and colors so that you can easily find a style that works for you.  

Eccentric Prints

Eccentric prints can be on anything, but they always look fashionable! A busy print on a full skirt or a floral print on a sundress, or even a handwoven bag too; a print can work wonders on your wardrobe.

If you manage to balance color and structure in your outfit, you have already one the attention of the entire room for your sartorial intelligence! 

Risqué Cutouts

When it comes to taking risks with your style, then what could be riskier than some risqué cuts? From backless formal dresses to slip dresses with scoop necklines, you can play dress-up with countless opportunities here! 

The choice of cuts is dependent on how comfortable you truly are with showing your skin. So make sure you look up many pieces for finally checking out your cart for daring pieces. 

Sleek Bags

The magic of a sleek handbag cannot be boiled down in a few words. Bags are like mythical creatures that transform your entire look within a few seconds. From structured bags for your meetings to the seamless clutch for your date to an expensive restaurant, a bag can work its charm on any day! 

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves may seem like a dated choice, but when you look at all that you can do with them, we are very sure that you would rush to get a few!

A silk scarf can be braided into your hair like in the 1990s, it can be tied to your handbag, and it can even be worn in a knot on your neck. All you need is a little time to figure out the style that works best for you, and you are all good to go. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your wardrobe should look like a collection of pieces that you are comfortable carrying. There is no harm in trying new things or favoring a certain style, but remember that being fashionable should not come at the cost of your own peace of mind. 


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