How long does an eyelash Lift and Tint Last?

Eyelashes nowadays are a prominent part of female makeup or male makeup. Any look looks incomplete without a perfect lash on it, whether natural or extensions. There is little doubt about the fact that lashes do enhance the eye and showcase you as extraordinary.

Eyelashes are designated to exaggerate your glamour to further boundaries. Beautiful long, curly, and thick eyelashes are an extraordinary part of beautiful eyes.

Eyes are the captivating point to catch attention, and thereby we need to maintain and take care of our eyes and eyelashes as they are the vital part of beautiful eyes. The two techniques popular nowadays to embellish your natural eyelashes are-

  • Eyelash Lift
  • Eyelash Tint

If you want a youthful look in cheap and easy ways, eyelash lift and tint are the aptest alternatives. These two methods will do complete justice to the long lash trend popular these days. An eyelash lift lifts your eyelashes to get the desired shape without using extensions, and we know that how tedious it is to put them. Where eyelash lifts curls and elongates your lash hair, eyelash tint refers to the techniques to put that extra color to your lashes that were missing. Eyelash Tint, on the other hand, makes the eye look fuller, thick and gives that sensual look without the use of mascara.

Before we get the answer to the question, “How long do eyelashes lift and tint last?” Let us understand what eyelash Lift and Tint mean.

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash lift refers to the procedure where the natural eyelashes are diversified into the definition shape and look of a perfect lash. This is attained by the usage of chemicals like keratin, etc. A lash lift is a replacement for the daily task of curling, applying mascara, and saves your time as well. The lash lift provides volume and beautifies your lash to make you look confident with your natural features.

It is an individual preference about how long, curly, or dramatic eyelash one wants. 

Eyelash Tint

Eyelash Tint is mostly done after eyelash lift. It can add that pinch of extra drama to your eyes by adding that adequate amount of color so essential for the lashes. Also, it is an excellent replacement if you don’t prefer to use mascara daily or suffer skin problems due to mascara.

Tinting will provide you with that apt color you wish to have and doesn’t even require much maintenance.

Now, coming to the question, how long will it last?

How Long Does Eyelash Tint or Lift Lash?

If we see the average, eyelash lifts last for 8 weeks to 12 weeks. This lasting period depends on various factors like how you maintain your lashes and what is the growth cycle of your lashes.

If both treatments are executed ( Eyelash Lift and Eyelash Tint), then the entire treatment would last for 3 weeks to 4 weeks.

So, if you want to make your treatment last longer, then take proper care and follow the guidance of an eyelash specialist.

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