Cat’s Eye Jewelry: The Perfect Armour Against the Malefic Effects of Ketu

Gemstone is one of the most dazzling stones used to enhance the jewellery’s overall appearance. When the gemstone is incorporated into any type of jewellery, then it can add charisma to the look of the ornaments. These precious gems are available in different kinds of colours, sizes and shapes. The colour of each gem adds the X- factor to the design of the jewellery. These gemstones are known by different names. You can buy any gemstone-like Ruby, Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Natural White sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Cat’s Eye etc.


Today we are going to cover the Cat’s Eye Gemstone, which is quite an intriguing gem and also known by the name of “Lehsunia“. Some people have already guessed this stone’s appearance because the colour of this precious gem is varied from honey, green, black and yellowish-green. As the name suggests, the outlook of this stone is like an eye of the Cat. The colour of this gem makes it offbeat as compared to the other gems.


Ruling Planet Ketu:

As we all know, some people wear gemstone jewellery just to create the fashion statement among the familiar one, or some wears it to enhance their styles. According to astrology, each gemstone is associated with some ruling planet and Ketu, or the south node of the moon is the dominating planet of this gemstone. Ketu is one of the most influential planets. The malefic effects of the Ketu can be easily eliminated by wearing the original Cat’s eye gemstone. Some people are always seeking to find positivity in their lives. If you are one of those, you can wear the Cat’s Eye gem, but after consulting the best astrologer.


Ketu planet, when present in the horoscope of some people in the commanding position, then it is beneficial in bringing the gains and positive effects in the person’s life.


Benefits of Wearing the Cat’s Eye:

It is a gemstone that is believed to bring positivity into the wearer’s life. This gemstone exhibits some light on top of the stone, which moved when the gem is tilted. It believes in showing the fastest result when the person wears it. So you can buy gemstone from the online gems store.


Let’s Take A Look at Some of Its Benefits:-


  • Cat’s eye stone is associated with the Vehement planet Ketu. So it is best known for strengthening the position of Ketu in one’s horoscope. 
  • It is believed to bring mental positivity, wealth and good fortune to the wearer’s life. With this, a person can achieve success in life.
  • It acts as a shield against the disease for the wearer’s lives. Like the stomach, heart, brain, and mental problem can be reduced up to some extent, but the doctor’s proper medication is a must in some severe conditions.
  • Astrologer believes that it acts as armour against the evil eye and ghost.
  • It helps to bring good fortune. That’s why this stone is quite a favourite among gamblers.
  • As we all know, Ketu is the ruling planet of this gemstone, and the harmful effects of Ketu can last for up to 18 years, so you can eliminate its effects by wearing this gem.
  • It saves the wearers from any kind of mishap that is about to happen in the near future.
  • This gem helps strengthen the person’s mental condition; it helps fight depression, mental disorder, and unhealthy habits.
  • It acts as a guard against Urinary problems, Cancer, Asthma, and Arthritis.
  • This gemstone is believed to stabilize the emotions of the person and enhance his senses. It is also used to provide mental strength to the wearer by giving them the power to face difficult and new life challenges.


So, these are some of the astrological benefits that are associated with this gemstone.


Now, Let’s Move Towards The Features Of The Gemstone:


  • The Cat’s eye gemstone should be natural and untreated.
  • The band of light should be spot on the top of the stone.
  • The quality of the gemstone should be good.
  • The gemstone should be highly polished.


So these are some of the features that should be taken into consideration before buy gemstones.


When And How To Wear It:


  • The gemstone’s weight should be between 3 to 7 carrots and can be worn in gold or silver medal.
  • It can be worn on Tuesday evening or Thursday evening for the best results.


On Which Finger It Can Be Worn:


This gemstone should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand for the best results.


In this blog, we have seen how the Cat’s eye acts as Armour against the Ketu planet. This stone is used to reduce the destructive effects of the Ketu planet known in astrology for bringing bad luck in the person’s life for about 18 years. If this planet is present in the commanding position in the horoscope, it is known for bringing good fortune to a person’s life. So you should try it if you are facing any difficulties in your life.


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